I remember once waiting with my two-year-old son for my wife, his mother, to come home after being away much of the day. We were on the back porch playing together. When he heard his mother’s car pull into the driveway he stopped everything. He looked up. His eyes widened. I thought he would run … read more

Cultivating Boredom

  Two years ago Microsoft published a study showing that between 2000 and 2015 the average human attention span fell from 12 seconds to about 8. (Nine seconds, the study famously pointed out, is the attention span of a goldfish.) Our shrinking capacity for attention coincides with the rise of smartphones. As young comic writer […]

On Looking Again

  C.S. Lewis once said that if we could really see another person—any other person—as God sees her and made her to be, we would be tempted to fall to our knees and worship her as a god.  From a classical Christian point of view, that is not hyperbole.  Jesus reminded the Pharisees of the […]

The Long Conversation

“The long conversation” is one way I refer to the Bible in my New Testament courses. The Bible is a record of thousands of years of conversation about and insights into a particular people’s experiences of God. I’m astonished when people speak of the coherence of the biblical texts—have they ever read the whole thing? […]

On Hospitality: A Place at the Table

One of the Seminary’s Core Values: “Hospitality: creating a common life that welcomes difference and ensures that all voices are heard”   I am writing this on the Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday 2017, so I suppose that it is not surprising that I am already meditating on the Three Days to come. On […]

We grieve, suffer, and rejoice. In sequence and all at once.

It’s not a topic of conversation at my early morning workout at Dane’s Body Shop, and there’s little mention made on the cable TV news at 8 in the evening, but I’m all focused on preparation for the Easter Triduum observance at Christ Chapel this week. Seminary students and sacristans, faculty and staff are gathering […]

Calculating Your Route

“Stay in your lane,” that’s the wisdom that the Rev. Kim Jackson imparted at the Harvey Lecture this past week. In talking with students, faculty, and guests about activism in the contemporary world, she reminded us all that engaging in social justice can be overwhelming.  There’s so much that needs to be done—how do we know […]

Peace Be Still

  What is peace?   When you are looking for peace in the middle of a hectic day, what exactly are you looking for?  Is it a moment of quiet, a sense of calm, an experience of stillness… or are you looking for a way out, a solution to a problem that will give you […]

Augustine For Our Times

This month the Seminary of the Southwest faculty has been reading William Cavanaugh’s excellent little book Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire. Micah Jackson had assigned this book to the Junior class for their colloquy and the faculty have been engaged in a parallel reading of it, culminating in a colloquy of our own about […]