You Are Enough

As a therapist, I am given the rare honor to encounter the depths of my clients’ souls by helping each of them unfold and find some meaning in life’s sometimes traumatic experiences. This intimate therapy journey sometimes raises more questions than answers and may bring about more frustration, at first, than inner peace. When I … read more

Love seeks its own level

How do I know who my neighbor is? By posing the question like that, it rather implies that if some are, then some are not, which I guess can be both true and not true at the same time. It’s kind of a trick question. For the Samaritan in Luke’s Gospel, that stranger lying beaten […]

O God of Earth and Altar (Prayer for the Nation)


O God of Earth and Altar (Prayer for the Nation) – 1906 – The Episcopal Hymnal #591 From all that terror teaches, From lies of tongue and pen, From all the easy speeches That comfort cruel men…. Deliver us, good Lord. Strong words, indeed! Could any hymn be more suited to the current political climate, […]

In Christ’s Name We Play


Ahhh, summer. The hot, sunny days bring to mind fond memories of eating watermelon by the pool, playing in the sand at the beach, and jumping in the refreshing Frio River. But, alas, memories they remain. Because now my summer days are mostly spent sitting in an overly air conditioned office answering emails on a slow, […]

Spiritual Tinkering

On my nightstand is a beautiful Anglican rosary. For those who do not know what an Anglican rosary is, it is a set of prayer beads similar to the traditional Roman Catholic rosary, but the Anglican rosary does not have established prayers associated with it. You can pray the Hail Mary, or the Lord’s Prayer, […]

Response to Orlando

It was a surprise and a relief to receive a Facebook generated post from my friend in Orlando that said she was okay.  Say what you will about social media, in this case it was cause for gratitude that word of someone’s safety came so quickly.  Sadly, many would not post a safety message.  The news […]

Mega-Trends in Latino Ministry

By the Rev. Al Rodriguez How often does one get the opportunity to present a workshop on Mega-Trends in Latino Ministry?  I had the good fortune to do this as the representative of Seminary of the Southwest at a recent ecumenical conference for church planters in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The conference included Latinos from across the […]

Are You a Mystic?


By the Rev. Dave Scheider “Have you ever had a mystical experience?” Lately I have been asking this question in groups or with individuals. I admit this is a safe question to ask in a seminary with people who have a sense of calling. But I have been asking this question to students who are […]

Divine Paradox

By the Very Rev. J. Pittman McGehee A paradox is a statement of opposites, both of which are true. Our egos don’t do paradox very well. The ego is an either/or organ–its job is to differentiate. In fact, most situations are either and or. The Zen philosopher, Suzuki states: “If it isn’t paradoxical it isn’t […]

Commencement: Have we made disciples?

Today is my 11th commencement as a faculty member at Seminary of the Southwest.  It is always a special day and a little hectic.  Do you get to say goodbye to everyone you want to?  To whom will you have the opportunity to give a word of encouragement?  How many of these graduates will you […]