Enemies and Inspiration

These days when fear and anger can lock us in endless cycles of reactivity, it’s worth remembering that the willingness to take an opponent’s perspective is a reliable source of inspiration. I learned this in August 2005. Texas voters were about to approve a constitutional amendment to define marriage, and my friends were fearfully speculating … read more

Being the Salt of the Earth

“You are the salt of the earth…” What might these words mean during seasons of life when we’re feeling stressed, depressed, on the verge of despair? Depression is a real thing, as many of us know all too well. Our politics and elections may not actually have the power to make us depressed, but our […]

What To Do About The News

As I talk to people these days, one of the most common things I hear is “What are we going to do about the news?” People all over the political spectrum are finding it difficult to know what to think or feel about the flood of contradictory or frightening bits of news that bombard anyone […]

What Now?

Life Happens Something happens in life (whether good or bad) and often the next logical question is: What now?  This immediate thought regarding what is next rushes in, many times giving little time to fully experience the moment. The What Now in Good Life Experiences In good life experiences we may have worked hard and […]

The Myth of Pure Evil

I’ve been reading some of the popular work of an excellent social and moral psychologist named Jonathan Haidt. He published his work, The Happiness Hypothesis in 2006 as a result of teaching “Psychology 101” at the University of Virginia for 10 years. He decided he wanted students not just to learn facts, figures and dates […]

A Matter of Life and Death

I have continually found it remarkable that the stoning of St. Stephen is remembered on the day after Christmas. There is a temptation and tendency to sentimentalize our Christian sacred story. I want to believe that the birth of our Savior is followed by the remembrance of the first Christian martyr, in order to remind […]

The Inauguration and the Unjust Judge


As we move toward the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump, I am aware that many in this country feel trepidation and fear.  People of color, women, sexual minorities, disabled persons, and immigrants all came under attack during Trump’s campaign, and in the construction of his cabinet, President-Elect Trump has done little to signal support for […]

Holy Ground, Near and Far


In early June, just before I came to Seminary of the Southwest to begin here as Director of Enrollment Management, I led a group of students from the Episcopal school where I had been serving as chaplain on a study tour in Israel.  It was an incredible gift to walk alongside these mostly rising tenth […]

An Attack on Harmony

On December 19, 2016 a well loved colleague of mine was sitting in a Berlin Christmas Market when someone drove a truck through the area killing many and injuring more. Russell Schulz, my colleague and friend was not killed, but two of his friends were. Russell served the Seminary of the Southwest for over 30 […]


Psalms 2, 85; Zechariah 2:10-13; John 3: 31-36   Listen to the author read their meditation and prayer: The Very Rev. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, Advent Meditation   “I think Joseph has lost his head,” she confided to me with a suppressed twinkle, when I visited Emmanuel Church in Massachusetts this summer. We hadn’t visited for […]