Haiti Blog Post 16-Laundry


Haiti Blog Post 16- January 20, 2012


Laundry might seem like a silly thing to write about, but today it has been on my mind.  I take my wonderful big washing machine and dryer for granted.  But, the ladies here take great pride in cleaning the laundry.

Yesterday, I watch a woman wash clothes for no less than 6 hours. I kept walking outside and there she was still cleaning with the greatest care.  She would wash and then hang clothes in the sun to dry.  Last night we got a good rain here in Haiti and it was nice to have things cool off a bit.  But, all I could think about was those clothes.  Those clothes that have been careful and tenderly washed that were hanging to dry and now they would have to be rewashed because of the rainwater.  I just went outside again and there she was, that sweet lady, washing.  God bless her and all she has done to make my stay here in Haiti one I will never forget.


Mary Balfour