Haiti Project-Post 4


Haiti Blog Post 4- January 5, 2012- the 12th Day of Christmas

We have now been in Haiti for a full 24 hours.  It has been so wonderful to see all of my friends and introduce them to Kellaura.  I just feel comfortable here and very at peace.  The pace is slow, there isn’t an agenda, and even though this is so against my personality, I am just with fine with going with whatever happens.

We got to visit Lespwa Timoun today.  Lespwa Timoun, the nutrition clinic, has been a dream for many years.  When I saw the building, tears immediately came to my eyes.  It is almost finished after the hard work of so many.  Not only is it almost finished, it is beautiful!  The space is calming and gentle.  There is a light breeze and you can feel the Holy Spirit.  I know that so many lives will be saved by this place and I thank God for that.

Below is a picture of Lespwa Timoun.  We are looking forward to spending tomorrow worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

In Christ’s love,

Mary Balfour