Haiti Project-Post 5

Haiti Blog Post 5- January 6, 2012- The Feast Day of Epiphany


Ricardo was one of the first children in the Nutrition Program.  He is from Crochu, a small, poor town in the Mountains.  Carmel brought his mother, baby sister Crystal and his other siblings to Croix-de-Boutique to try and save his life.  Carmel and her team were very successful and his is thriving!  He is now 10 years old and in the 3rd grade.  He has befriended Kellaura and they play lots of cards together!

Except for my first trip in 2007, I have taken a picture with Ricardo every trip.  I hope you enjoy seeing how much he has grown.  He is a special little boy and a very strong part of my memories of Haiti.


Mary Balfour

Ricardo in May 2009

Ricardo in March 2010

Ricardo in July 2010

Ricardo in January 2013