Southwest Students Attend Interfaith Retreat

Writing to Dean Travis after attending the 26th annual interfaith seminarian retreat, called Sharing our Faith Traditions, senior Master of the Arts in Religion student John Chilstrom writes:


Last week I was most fortunate to be one of three Southwest students to attend the 26th annual interfaith seminarian retreat known as “Sharing our Faith Traditions” (SOFT). (In the attached picture you will see, from L to R, Christine Havens, Alison Green, and myself at the retreat.)

I am confident that I speak for all three of us when I say that we were very grateful for the chance to participate in such an event that brought together seminaries in the Council of Southwest Theological Schools and representatives of Christian, Judaism, and Islam. With over thirty participants and a welcome diversity of traditions we were able to share multiple understandings of our faiths, prayer, and how we worship. This can be a powerful and reaffirming experience, which it was.

So, thanks to SSW for making it possible for us to be a part of this. I trust that we represented our seminary well and if you did receive any phone calls about “those Episcopalians” at the SOFT retreat, I am confident that it would have been all positive! Along with appreciation for the experience that we could take from the retreat, I would add that this is a worthy undertaking for SSW to continue to annually take part in.

Thanks, always, for the formation that we receive as SSW students, and thanks, again, for allowing us to be involved in this interfaith seminary retreat.

With gratitude,