Enemies and Inspiration

These days when fear and anger can lock us in endless cycles of reactivity, it’s worth remembering that the willingness to take an opponent’s perspective is a reliable source of inspiration. I learned this in August 2005. Texas voters were about to approve a constitutional amendment to define marriage, and my friends were fearfully speculating … read more


Psalms 40,54; Isaiah 10: 5-19; Matthew 11:2-15   Listen to the author read their meditation and prayer: Dr. Steven Tomlinson, Advent Meditation   We await the upending of expectations. Waiting begins with a question: Why me? When will this end? Who will save us? The questions we ask determine the answers we can hear, the […]

A Bad Chaplain


The summer before I turned 40, I worked as a hospital chaplain.  (My priest had enrolled me in clinical pastoral education, saying it was probably the only way to save my soul.) I wore a clerical collar and visited suffering patients.  After about two weeks, my steely-eyed supervisor stopped me as I was leaving a […]