Dr. Horacio Peña Senior Instructor

Dr. Horacio Peña

Dr. Horacio Peña, a Nicaraguan born poet and linguist, has taught the Spanish language at Seminary of the Southwest since 1980. He also teaches Spanish at nearby Huston-Tillotson University, Austin. He has also taught at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, during many summers. He has traveled and lived in Spain, France, and Italy. From 1964 to 1966, while in Madrid and Paris, he wrote Ars Moriendi y Otros Poemas, which was published when he was a professor of history and culture in the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. For Ars Moriendi he received the prestigious Premio Poesía Internacional de Centenario Ruben Darío. His books include: Antología del inmigrante; El Enemigo de los Poetas y Otros Cuentro; Las memorias de Beowulf; Poema a un hombre llamado Roberto Clemente; La Soledad y El Desierto; Yo, Orfeo, vuelvo de nuevo a cantar (poemas); and Parábolas para ciego: tres monólogos. Several of Dr. Peña's poems, short stories, and essays, including "The One Thousand Faces of God in Central American Poetry," (translated into English by Rob Cogswell) have been published in the United States, Costa Rica, and Central and South America. Dr. Peña is a member of the Nicaraguan Language Academy.

MA, Universidad Nacional de Nicaragua
PhD, The University of Texas at Austin