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Advent Meditations- Tuesday, December 12

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Psalms 26, 28; 36, 39; Amos 7:10-17; Matt. 22:34-46; Rev. 1:9-16

I have a Chicago friend who eagerly anticipates the November switchover of local FM radio station WLIT to non-stop Christmas music. He locks his radio dial to endless repetition of “Joy to the World”, “White Christmas,” and “O Come all Ye Faithful” for the next two months. He readily admits his obsession with the music comes not from warm memories of Christmases past, but from just the opposite: they are a salve to difficult Christmases that plagued his youth. The music gives him hope for future Christmases, and the joyous memories they will leave behind.
In Psalm 28, the Psalmist cries out against the wickedness of the world around him. He urges the Lord to protect him from his enemies and their doomed fates. When his pleas have been heard, he cries out his blessings in three moves: his heart trusts, he is helped, and his heart exults. Then he does what is the obvious response—gives his thanks in song.
Like my Chicago friend, who uses those Christmas songs to anticipate a brighter future, let’s make this Advent a time to imagine an almost unimaginable future—the arrival of the Blessed Son. And, instead of complaining about the tunes’ familiarity and repetition, let’s hear them as regular reminders, pointers, of the glorious events yet to come.
God, give us confidence to know you are our strength and our shield. Guide in our hearts an eternal song of thanksgiving.
Greg Warren
MDiv, Class of 2018
All Saints- Bentonville, Arkansas
Diocese of Arkansas
Listen to the Greg read his meditation and prayer:

Following a full career in marketing and advertising, Greg heard the call to serve about thirteen years ago, while living in a small, overpriced New York apartment. He’s grateful to be answering the call, along with his partner Mark and two dogs, and looks forward to continuing service in the Church.

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