Annual Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Program Assessment Report



Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MHC)

The Annual Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Program Assessment Report contains a summary of continuous systematic program evaluation data as well as the aggregate assessment of student learning outcomes which provide information regarding the effectiveness of the clinical mental health counseling degree program.

The degree program assessment plan includes data points collected throughout a student’s program of study, the means by which the data is collected, the assessment measures utilized, the process by which remediation occurs if/when needed, and the means by which data is analyzed and utilized for curriculum and program improvement/modification.

This report also includes information regarding the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Program graduates such as the number of graduates for the past academic year, pass rates on credentialing examinations, degree completion rates, and job placement rates for graduates.

Content Links:

Introduction to MHC Program Transition Points and Data Collection Schedule_2017

Introduction to MHC Program Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives_2017

Program Data Type 1 – Vital Statistics_2017

Program Data Type 2 – Admissions, Enrollment, and Retention_2017

Program Data Type 3 – Student Remediation Plans_2017

Program Data Type 4 – Key Learning Objective Assessments_2017

Program Data Type 5 – Key Professional Dispositions Assessments_2017

Program Data Type 6 – Candidacy Endorsements_2017

Program Data Type 7 – Final Clinical Internship Assessments_2017

Program Data Type 8 – Student Site Evaluations_2017

Program Data Type 9 – Counselor Presparation Comprehensive Exams (CPCE)_2017

Program Data Type 10 – Capstone Paper Assessments_2017

Program Data Type 11 – National Counselor Exams (NCE)_2017

Program Data Type 12 – Alumni Feedback_2017

Program Data Type 13 – Stakeholder-Constituent Feedback_2017

Program Data Type 14 – Student to Faculty Ratios_2017

Program Data Type 15 – Faculty Utilization Rates_2017

Summary of Program Evaluation Results, Modifications, and Changes_2017

Summary of the MHC Program Assessment Cycle_2017