But Then, Face to Face…

At one time, “How I spent my summer vacation” was a staple of fall school essay assignments.  Now that I am retired being on “vacation” has taken on an ambiguous quality. How can one be on vacation when one’s life is no longer organized around work? My life in retirement, launched in spring 2016, has … read more

The Spiritual Practice of Being an Episcopal Pilgrim

You are invited to try the practice of being an “Episcopal Pilgrim.” “What’s an Episcopal Pilgrim?” Here’s some background and context. At the end of June, 2016, I retired from the practice of congregational ministry. Paula (my wife) and I have been and are discerning where to relocate, and we don’t want to commit to […]

A Philosophy of Stage Fright

Years ago, I went to my mentor for help with anxiety about an upcoming presentation. I’d had a conversation about the spiritual power of money with an acquaintance, a well-connected businessman, and he’d invited me to give a talk on the topic to his colleagues at work as part of their lunchtime speaker series. As […]

To Be Black in America Today: The Labels We Carry

The Labels We Carry As human beings we naturally categorize and label things in order to understand them.  Young children in the process of learning language will learn that a ‘car’ has wheels and for a while anything with wheels is labeled a ‘car,’ whether it is a firetruck, bus, or bike.  This is a […]

Learning from Rashi

  As the acting dean of academic affairs for the fall semester, I was given the task of preaching at our Matriculation service. As is customary for this service, the readings were taken from the propers for education found on page 931 of the Book of Common Prayer. My attention turned to the reading from […]

Total Eclipse

  Early in the morning of Monday, August 21st, I could have been getting out of a sleeping bag in Grand Teton National park primed to witness a rare total eclipse of the sun. Instead I was fortunate enough to gather for the first Monday Eucharist and assembly at the opening of the 2017-18 academic […]

SHQ in the Holy Land: Cheesecake

      How do you explain the trinity? Over cheesecake. We attended a women’s fellowship group with Fr. Nael. The evening began with hymns around the table. They sang in arabic and Fr. Nael gently tapped the table to keep the group in rhythm. I closed my eyes to let the sweet sound of […]

SHQ in the Holy Land: Sunset

On Tuesday afternoon three of my classmates and I said our goodbyes to the group we have been traveling with for two weeks and took a taxi on the winding roads back to Nazareth. Today we will begin working with Fr. Nael, Rector of Christ Church in Nazareth. As we drove the landscape shifted from […]

SHQ in the Holy Land: First Century Tomb

  Greetings from Nazareth, where we have been staying with the Sisters of Nazareth.   Our day began at the Jordan River.   We renewed our Baptismal vows as we listened to the sounds of war in Syria, just a few miles from us.   With temperatures soaring over 100F, we were intent on finishing the more physical […]