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Advent Meditations- Friday, December 22

By Hope Benko

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Psalms 40,54; 51; Zech. 7:8–8:8; Matt. 25:14-30; Rev. 5:6-14

“Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each with staff in hand because of their great age. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets.” How’s that for a Christmas vision calling out to us over the millennia from Zechariah’s words?

Maybe in your house, you’re preparing to bring this vision to life in miniature as you welcome back the old men and women with the wisdom of your tribe as well as the playing boys and girls who represent its continuing past your own time.

Even if your home won’t be the scene, I am sure your parish is prepping for this kind of multi-generational celebration. Advent and Christmas remind us that God came to a real family in a real time and place, because God loves us enough to leave no family outside his grace. God’s desire is to draw the whole human family back into harmony and peace, to have young and old celebrating together his marvelous deeds. We won’t see this vision fully until the end of the age, but we see glimpses of it this time of year. We practice it when we come together in homes and church year after year. It is indeed a holy thing to have both wisdom and future in our homes and pews, and I pray it brings you grace.

Lord, you came as a baby and showed us the wisdom of the ages. Help us to honor both young and old in Jesus’ name, we pray.

The Rev. Hope T. Benko
Director of Enrollment Management and Admissions

Listen to the Hope read her meditation and prayer:

The Rev. Hope Tinsley Benko is the Director of Enrollment Management and Admissions at Seminary of the Southwest. She’s been a priest since 2006 and has served in parishes and an Episcopal school in the dioceses of Missouri, Western Louisiana, and Fort Worth before moving to Austin.


Advent Meditations is a gift to our seminary community and made possible through gifts to our Annual Fund. Seminary of the Southwest appreciates the support of its friends, alumni and the communities around the world that its graduates serve for the glory of God.  This support ensures that Southwest, as an institution made of individuals dedicated to service to God and their fellow members of the body of Christ, can continue doing its part to build the Body of Christ.


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