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SHQ in Rome: Days 3 and 4

By Camie Dewey

This week, Sowing Holy Questions will follow a group of seminarians visiting Rome, on a trip led and curated by The Rev. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, PhD, the  Duncalf-Villavaso Professor of Church History. We’ll also share on social media under the hashtag #sswrome18. We invite you to follow along.

Day Three:

The two buildings on either side of our accommodations and a third church just a short walk from the others house some of the most incredible artwork in Rome. Caravaggio paintings can be found in the French church, Saint Louis, a piece called “Call of St. Matthew;” “Madonna of the Pilgrims” is housed in the Basilica di San Agostino, and paintings of St. Peter’s crucifixion and St. Paul can be found at Santa Maria del Popolo.

We only got pictures of the morning activities because the Vatican Secret Archives is strictly no pictures allowed.


The Anglican Centre of Rome is a hub for clergy and laity from around the world to visit, feel at home, hold conference, and find help or assistance if necessary. We were incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to worship with, break bread with, and connect with the Celtic Bishops who were at the center for their convention. Many interesting conversations and helpful connections were made, and the knit of the Anglican communion became just a bit tighter.


Day Four:

Today was Vatican day. We walked through the long and numerous hallways of artwork at the Vatican museums, and stood in awe under the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. St. Peter’s Basilica followed and our new group habit of looking up was fed as the ornate gold and marble spires led the eye to the innumerable masterpieces mounted, painted and plated above our heads. The sheer scale of Baldachin, designed by Bernini, draws the eye to the altar first, and the closer you move toward it, the more magnificent it becomes. What lies beneath it is even more incredible. Scavi is the excavation of the most ancient part of Rome, atop of which stands the stunning beauty of the Basilica. Directly under the altar of the Basilica lie the bones of St. Peter, the apostle. Of all the “thin places” I’ve experienced in my life, none touched me more than standing in silent awe in the presence of those remains. Those moments were breathtaking and life giving.

Again, we were only able to get the morning captured because Scavi is strictly no photos.


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