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Southwest launches Summer Twitter Chat Series

By #mySSW

Seminary of the Southwest will host a Twitter Chat every Wednesday at 11:00 am CDT from June 12 – August 12, 2013.  The #mySSW Summer Chat Series will have topics about Young Adult Ministries, Campus Ministries, Latino Ministries, etc.  The #mySSW Chats are to encourage conversation about topics of interest and to help provide a platform to build relationships with others in the Episcopal Church through social media.

#mySSW Summer Chat Series

June 12, 2013 ~ Attracting College Students to your Episcopal Student Center with guest, the Rev. Erin Warde (@therevEJ), Campus Missioner at Baylor University and Southwest Alum.

June 19, 2013 ~ Young Adult Ministries with guest, the Rev. Matt Wise (@putridjones), Campus Missioner at Texas A&M University. 

Future Topics and Guests are TBA


Twitter Chat FAQs: 

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a scheduled chat that happens on Twitter by using a hashtag to link the tweets together in a conversation.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a keyword preceded by the “#” sign used in a tweet.  For the #mySSW Summer Chat Series, the designated hashtag is #mySSW.

How are the #mySSW chats conducted?

Each #mySSW chat will have a designated moderator (MOD).  This person will be introduced at the beginning of the chat and will pose the questions throughout the hour.  The MOD will start the chat by introducing the guest, announcing the topic, and encouraging participants to introduce themselves as well.  Once introductions have been made, then the MOD will begin posing the questions by using “Q1, Q2, etc” at the beginning of the tweets.  Participants should tweet answers by using “A1, A2, etc” and the #mySSW hashtag.

The #mySSW chats have a scheduled guest, but am I allowed to answer the questions too?

Absolutely! The purpose of the #mySSW Summer Chat Series is to encourage conversation.  Everyone is invited to tweet and share their knowledge on the chosen topic for the week.

Can I suggest a future topic?

Yes, please do! You may tweet a topic to us @mySSW.   Please continue to use the hashtag #mySSW to continue the conversation throughout the week.  New topics are discovered through conversations that happen via Twitter.

How can I participate?

You will need a Twitter handle in order to participate.  If you don’t already have one, you can go to and sign up.  Once you have created your account, you’re ready to participate!  Don’t forget to use the #mySSW hashtag when you tweet!

TIP: Use an app like Tweetdeck.  Once you login to Tweetdeck, type #mySSW in the search box and click the blue “Add Column” button.  This will create a stream with all of the #mySSW tweets.  This will help you follow along.



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