Corinne Ware


The 2011 Durstan R McDonald Teaching Award

Corinne Ware


Faithful teacher, insightful author, friend and guide to students, visionary administrator.

You served faithfully and with distinction as a member of the faculty of your alma mater, Seminary of the Southwest for thirteen years.


In 1997, then Dean Dusty McDonald, recruited you to lead the fledgling MAPM program, master of arts in pastoral ministry, at the seminary. You directed and developed that program with your characteristic grace and vision and you led the way to establish the master of arts in counseling degree, which has attracted many students to the seminary’s Center for Christian Ministry and Vocation.


Men and women discerning their path and call from God found in you a thoughtful and careful listener and guide. You gave them the space and respect to hear themselves speak the truth for their lives and gain clarity for the way forward.


Your courses in ascetical theology were foundational and formational for master of divinity students. First year students were guided to understand and develop spiritual practices that served them during their time as student and well beyond to their ministries.


You have taught through your books on spirituality, which have been important guides to students, alumni, and priests and laity throughout the Church. You have taught through your life and the attention you modeled to your own spiritual disciplines. You have taught through your keen insights and no nonsense assessments during over 130 faculty meetings spanning your tenure on the faculty.


In gratitude for your wisdom, convictions, knowledge and faith shared with our community; we are pleased to present you with the 2011 Durstan R McDonald Teaching Award.



Douglas Travis                                                                         Nathan Jennings

Dean and President                                                                 Faculty Secretary