Esteban Saucedo-Nava

The 2010 Hal Brook Perry Award

Esteban Saucedo-Nava

Minister for fifty-three years to congregations in Texas, Mexico and New Mexico, you have served God and the people of God as priest, pastor, counselor, and evangelist.

Born in Mexico City to a family of priests and bishops, you were studying music in your home town when God called to you through the voice of the diocese of West Texas to found a Spanish congregation, St. Paul's Episcopal Mission in Brownsville, Texas.  Studies followed at Seminary of the Southwest and you were ordained Deacon in 1957 by then bishop of West Texas, Richard Dicus.  You returned to St. Paul's Mission in Brownsville as priest in charge.

You established missions in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico where you spent sixteen years. The diocese of Dallas needed you next, and you led a congregation in McKinney, ministering in Spanish and English.

After "retirement" in 1990, you were interim priest for the Spanish speaking congregation at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Dallas, and then organized and served as priest in charge of a Spanish speaking congregation at The Church of the Holy Nativity, Plano for ten years. One fellow ordained minister who regards you as his mentor explains that you are a man of integrity who "teaches with his life".

Still in your "retirement", you have served St. David's, Denton, Texas as assisting priest for most of the last 19 years.

Your long time friend, Frederick Chenery, first director of the now Booher Library here at Southwest, wrote, "Steve has special gifts as a pastor and counselor. His warm personality and good sense of humor attract people to him and they respond to his preaching of the Gospel." Much like Hal Perry, say those who knew him.

In recognition of your exceptional ministry building up the Church and her people, we are delighted to award you the 2010 Hal Brook Perry Distinguished Alumni Award