Taking Crucified Peoples Down From the Cross Today

I heard this morning on the radio that almost a quarter of the population of the US has been fully vaccinated, and almost 40% of us are partially so.  Thinking about how those statistics translate into everyday people’s experiences of life, I found myself hopeful about what our US American context might look like on […]

The Stewardship of Privilege

Professor Reuben McDaniel (1936-2016) was an accomplished scholar, a model teacher and a commanding presence in business school at The University of Texas for more than three decades. He was also (in partnership with his wife Myra) a leader at St. James’ Episcopal Church, where my spiritual director (who had recently served as interim rector) […]

What the Monarch Knows About Undoing Racism

How do monarch butterflies know the precise route of their migration, when it takes more than a generation of butterflies to complete it? How did the stonemasons who built the cathedrals of Europe know how their generation’s part of the work fit into the plan of the whole great structure without blueprints, over the course […]

Letting God Out: The Process of Becoming Anti-Racist

“Forget your perfect offering, there is a crack… in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” These words from Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem” sometimes surface for me in unexpected moments. When they do, I often think something to the effect of, “that sounds nice… I should try it sometime.” But I’m not sure I know exactly […]

Ash Wednesday 2021

I watch as snow drifts down like ash. At first it’s beautiful and surprising – snow in Austin! The last time I remember a significant snow was just after moving here twelve years ago. We had a snow of 2-3 inches that year, just enough for the kids to build a tiny snowman on the […]


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