Crossing the Border

Cruzando la Frontera (Crossing the Border) is a semi-annual day-long conference co-sponsored by Hispanic Church Studies at Seminary of the Southwest, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest. The conference is designed to address theological, biblical, and pastoral themes that relate to the Latino/a Protestant church in the Southwest. Provided in Spanish, the conference is attended by pastors and laity from a variety of Protestant traditions. Conference speakers consist of Latino/a faculty in theological education from throughout the U.S. and professionals actively involved in ministry in Latino/a settings.

Registration for the conference is available on the web site of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The registration page is under the “Beyond the Walls” menu.

Goals for “Cruzando la Frontera”:

1. Lead participants to see themselves as part of a larger community of Latino Christians involved in inter-traditional learning.

2. Equip laity and pastoral leaders for ministry.

3. Apply biblical and theological themes to specific contexts and social location of Hispanic people in the borderlands.

4. Develop critical thinking and hermeneutical skills.

Future Conferences:
“Cruzando la Frontera: Ministerio Juveníl” 7 de noviembre de 2014, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary  [Crossing the Border: Youth Ministry]

“Cruzando la Frontera: Enfrentando la Violencia” 14 de marzo de 2015, Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo, Houston, Texas  [Crossing the Border: Confronting Violence]

Previous Conferences:                                                                                                                                      “Cruzando la Frontera con Jesús”: Spring 2014 [Crossing the Border with Jesus]

“Cruzando la Frontera: Temas de Resurrección”: Spring 2013 [Crossing the Border: Themes of Resurrection]

“Cruzando la Frontera: Temas de Liberación”: Fall 2012 [Crossing the Border: Themes of Liberation]

“Cruzando la Frontera: Teología y la Biblia”: Fall 2011 [Crossing the Border: Theology and the Bible]