Seminarians Featured in Book from Preaching Excellence Program

Preaching Forgiveness, a collection of sermons from the 2017 Preaching Excellence Program, was recently released by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation, and features sermons delivered by senior seminarians Brian Prall and Andrew Green.

“Again this year, several students from Seminary of the Southwest participated in the week-long Preaching Excellence Program hosted by by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation. Also again this year, students from our school have been recognized for their excellent preaching by having their sermons included in the ‘best of’ collection from the conference,” said The Rev. Micah Jackson, the Bishop John Elbridge Hines Associate Professor of Preaching. Jackson led the preaching program at this past year’s program and is also featured in the book.

The Very Rev. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge remarked, “In their sermons published in this collection, Brian Prall and Andrew Green zero in on the heart of the good news, and they engage their hearers with intelligence, humor, and empathy. It is wonderful to see these future church leaders already being recognized for the skills they will soon bring to a congregation.”

The signature program of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation, the “Preaching Excellence Program” (PEP)  gathers seminarians, homiletics professors and rectors for a week of lectures, worship, workshops and small groups in which the students present sermons for discussion and feedback. Beginning in 2014, thanks to a grant from the Robertson Foundation, “PEP II” gathered recently ordained priests for a similar experience.  In the last five years an additional 2,000 priests, deacons and lay preachers have participated in other conferences of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation at the national and diocesan level.