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Haiti Project-Post 3

Haiti Blog Post 3- January 2, 2012- the 9th Day of Christmas
We leave for Haiti in less than 48 hours and I feel lots of emotions.  I have never been for three weeks and I think I have a little anxiety about that.  I know it will all be fine and I will love every second of my time there.  I had the opportunity to Skype with Pere Val and Carmel yesterday.  It was wonderful to see their faces and also the excitement in their eyes.  They kept repeating to me, don’t worry.  Just come down here, we can’t wait to see you.
I think that my seminary experience has really prepared me for this trip.  It has been two years since I have spent time in Haiti and I am certainly changed in many ways since that trip.  Seminary challenges you in so many ways.  You walk away from the life that you knew and you become shaped and formed by a community that does everything in the name of Christ.  Think about it, yes your relationship with Jesus is central in your life but there are other parts to your life.  Your career, your friends, God doesn’t usually come up in every conversation you have.  Well God comes up in most all of my conversations at seminary.  That is a wonderful thing, I am not complaining.  Only stating that my life is different.  Before seminary, the Church was my outlet.  Going to Haiti, working on building the 20’s and 30’s group, etc.  Now, the Church is my life.  I actually have been thinking lately, I have to find something that I enjoy doing that doesn’t involve the Church.  I just keep coming back for more, so maybe this is where I should be.
I was talking to a friend who is studying for a major exam and he told me that he doesn’t mind studying; it is actually fun for him.  I can understand that, Haiti is that way for me.  If I could take a vacation, I would probably go to Haiti.  It is fun for me.  There is so much joy and pain in Haiti.  It is hard to explain, starving children but a love for God that is so pure all wrapped up in to one.  It is a miracle in a lot of ways and I just feel fortunate to experience this country that has given me so much!
My seminary community has taught me to love unconditionally and that it takes all of us to make up the Body of Christ.  The people in Haiti are like that too, they love unconditionally and they certainly are necessary members of the Body of Christ.  I am excited to share their stories with you.  We will be sending out real time updates as well as an edited piece to share with you all when return from our adventures.
An important piece of this project is to share the story of Haiti.  Please post our blog to Facebook, share our tweets, tell me people to share this information with, and most of all pray for us and the dear people of Haiti.
In Christ’s love,
Mary Balfour
Pictured Below-Beautiful Carmel!


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