Official Announcement – Clement – 6/12/2020

Dear Colleagues,
I write to follow up today’s announcement concerning our policy requiring all employees to obtain a COVID-19 test with a negative test result and reporting the test result to before returning to work on campus.
Several of you have presented similar questions seeking clarification of the policy’s requirements for testing.  I address those questions with this response.

  • In addition to COVID-19 testing required prior to returning to work on campus, the seminary may adopt a COVID-19 re-testing program for faculty and staff later this year.  In that event, you may be randomly or specifically chosen for COVID-19 interval re-testing, in which case we simply request your understanding and cooperation in the interest of ensuring the health and safety of the seminary community.
  • A small number of administrators and staff have remained on campus since last March, whether full-time or at various intervals, because they are involved in essential work that can only be performed on campus to maintain critical services.  Others, including faculty and staff, have already scheduled certain projects in June and July that can only be undertaken on premises.  Members of the faculty and staff in these limited situations may continue their present essential work on campus; however, we request that you make arrangements as soon as practicable for COVID-19 testing and reporting on seminary time.  CommUnityCare’s free testing facilities are open throughout the city Monday through Friday; no doctor’s referral or appointment is necessary when this testing service is open at various locations.  CommUnityCare’s Hancock Village location is a drive-through testing facility; anticipate wait times.
  • COVID-19 test results are usually reported within one to four calendar days after specimen collection.  I presented for PCR molecular and IgG serology tests less than 24 hours ago and received a negative IgG test result and lab report 19 hours later.
  • The dean’s plan anticipates reopening on June 22, ten days from now.  This should provide all employees with sufficient time to be COVID-19 tested before returning to work on campus as early as June 22 (except for those who are already required to be on campus performing essential services at this time).  We request that anyone returning to work on campus allow perhaps seven days for testing and reporting lab results before returning to work on campus.  For example, if you are returning to work on campus June 22, it would be well to present for a COVID-19 test early the week of June 15; if you are returning on July 21, arrange to be tested early the week of July 13 so that sufficient time is allowed for lab analysis and reporting.

Please be in touch with any questions.