Do we know the way?

The recent tragic events in Baton Rouge, Dallas and many places all over the world have left me thinking about what our responses as Christians, as individuals and as humans should be. While reflecting on these events, a family story plays in my mind again and again. When I was fourteen years old, before the … read more

The Wisdom of Children: Hope for the Future

“I have a dream.” The influence of these words by Martin Luther King, Jr was on full display Thursday night, January 15, at the 10th annual MLK Oratory Competition held at the George Washington Carver Museum. The room buzzed with excitement as it filled with parents and community members brimming with hope and expectation of what the young writers were going to say. The crowd slowly inched into the room with a dissipating hope of actually finding a seat. With standing room only, seventeen elementary school students, from different parts of Austin, competed in the competition as part of the annual MLK celebration presented by the Austin Area Heritage Council. In a five-minute speech, each speaker was to answer the question, “What message of hope do you think Dr. King would have for the world today?”

Seeing The World Through a Son’s Eyes

Ashley Freeman is a senior in the Master of Divinity program at Seminary of the Southwest.  Ashley, his wife Annie, and their three children come to the seminary from the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.

Last weekend I traveled with my 10-year-old son to a friend’s ordination in Kansas. During the trip, we talked about many different topics. However, my favorite conversation during the ten-hour drive was about zombies. More specifically, the conversation centered on the kind of vehicle I would want during the zombie apocalypse.

“Dad, what kind of car would you want in the zombie apocalypse? Any kind of car you want with any kind of weapon, and I mean anything, light sabers, chainsaws, lasers . . . anything? It doesn’t even have to be real; you can just make it up. What would you want?”

Making the true light part of your story

Ashley Freeman is a middler in the M.Div. program.   Ashley and his family come to Seminary of the Southwest from the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.


John 1: 1-18
The true light, which enlightens everyone, has come into the world.


2013 is almost over, in a few short hours 2014 will be upon us. Many of us will celebrate tonight with friends and family. We may watch the giant ball fall in Times Square, or see fireworks, or pop the top on a bottle of champagne, or perhaps we will share a good luck kiss with our significant others at the stroke of midnight. Regardless of how you celebrate the coming of the New Year, 2013 is history. The best and worst of 2013 is now part of your story. As you reflect on the last twelve months of your life, where did “the true light, which enlightens everyone” shine?