Sarah Kapostasy graduated from Seminary of the Southwest on May 13, 2014 with a Master of Arts in Counseling.  


I was really at a crossroads in my life when I decided to pursue my Masters in Counseling. Frankly, I was in a place where I had not been good at forgiving myself and accepting my imperfections, and was experiencing a crisis of confidence.

Entering the Seminary was a bid for control. I figured this would give me a professional path, some letters behind my name. What I discovered, of course, was that this degree was not just about jumping through hoops to achieve the objective of becoming “a Licensed Professional Counselor.” Along the way, I had to let go of control, reflect, and look deep inside myself. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses, which paradoxically were often one in the same. 

A BBQ Even a Vegetarian Can Love

Lucy Strandlund is a Middler in the Master of Spiritual Formation program at Seminary of the Southwest.  Lucy and her husband Daniel come to the seminary from the Diocese of Alabama.

The Seminary of the Southwest’s BBQ Showdown benefitting Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) this past Saturday was a complete success. My first impression was amazement at how many new faces I saw. While it was a seminary event, it was truly a community affair. Professors, priests and seminarians mingled with neighbors and friends, some of whom traveled across the state of Texas to attend the BBQ. People biking or walking by had to stop and check it out. Kids jumped in the bounce house, ran around barefoot and greeted the farm animals in the petting zoo. Dogs sniffed hopefully at the air, and even the vegetarians found cornbread, several varieties of excellent coleslaw, and some delicious local brew. The live music was reason enough to have a good time; Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars make it hard not to kick up your boots and dance, whether or not you have BBQ sauce dripping from your chin.