Calculating Your Route

“Stay in your lane,” that’s the wisdom that the Rev. Kim Jackson imparted at the Harvey Lecture this past week. In talking with students, faculty, and guests about activism in the contemporary world, she reminded us all that engaging in social justice can be overwhelming.  There’s so much that needs to be done—how do we know … read more

What Now?

Life Happens Something happens in life (whether good or bad) and often the next logical question is: What now?  This immediate thought regarding what is next rushes in, many times giving little time to fully experience the moment. The What Now in Good Life Experiences In good life experiences we may have worked hard and […]

Discernment at General Convention

How do we know if the decisions we make are from God or some other source? Seems to me that is the key question of General Convention that underlies each vote and discussion. As we make decisions that will affect our beloved Church how will we know if God’s will is being done? Monthly I […]