An Epiphany from ‘the least of these’

Today is Epiphany, when we celebrate Christ’s arrival among us, and revelation as the Savior of all. He came as a ‘mere’ child. Because of the recent visit of a young African choir, I am thinking today of the youngest and most vulnerable among us and the music they create.

There is a long tradition in the West of children’s choirs. Attached to cathedrals, colleges and universities across Europe, choir schools taught boys to read, write and especially to sing music for the liturgy. The levels of musical achievement were quite astonishing.

Beyond the Walls

We’re staying in the rectory of St. Simeon’s Episcopal Church in Croix de Bouquets.  St Simeon’s sits within a high wall with its school at the back and the rectory across the parking lot.  I am working on drawing a map of everything inside the wall for you, but it isn’t finished yet.  The wall between the parking lot and the rectory is topped with broken bottles and two guards stand watch over the gates at night. 

Haiti Project-Post 5


Haiti Blog Post 5- January 6, 2012- The Feast Day of Epiphany


Ricardo was one of the first children in the Nutrition Program.  He is from Crochu, a small, poor town in the Mountains.  Carmel brought his mother, baby sister Crystal and his other siblings to Croix-de-Boutique to try and save his life.  Carmel and her team were very successful and his is thriving!  He is now 10 years old and in the 3rd grade.  He has befriended Kellaura and they play lots of cards together!