Icons, Idols, and Campaign Porn

The metaphor of porn has become pervasive in our cultural conversation. In addition to food porn (which you can find all over Facebook and Instagram in the form of “check out my awesome meal” posts), there is wine porn (a cultured obsession with “trophy wines”), real estate porn (a consumer obsession with beautiful, unattainable properties), … read more

God’s Word Sings Among the Ashes

The biblical expression of history is not so much like a line moving steadily from the past into the present and on into the future as it is like a length of fabric that a seamstress rolls out and then folds over on itself once, twice, three times, over and over again. The Exodus from […]

The Wisdom of Children: Hope for the Future

“I have a dream.” The influence of these words by Martin Luther King, Jr was on full display Thursday night, January 15, at the 10th annual MLK Oratory Competition held at the George Washington Carver Museum. The room buzzed with excitement as it filled with parents and community members brimming with hope and expectation of what the young writers were going to say. The crowd slowly inched into the room with a dissipating hope of actually finding a seat. With standing room only, seventeen elementary school students, from different parts of Austin, competed in the competition as part of the annual MLK celebration presented by the Austin Area Heritage Council. In a five-minute speech, each speaker was to answer the question, “What message of hope do you think Dr. King would have for the world today?”

What time is it? Advent Time!

Jennifer Shadle is a junior in the Master of Divinity program at Seminary of the Southwest.  Jennifer's home diocese is the Diocese of Colorado.  Prior to coming to seminary, Jennifer served as the department chair for the Music Department at Colorado State University – Pueblo.

Every year, I greet Advent with the heightened excitement, and undertone of dread, that we have come to associate with the month of December in postmodern America. My defense against the rampant commercialism is to deny its existence, refuse to participate in “sales events,” and inevitably discover with a shock of chagrin that I have something like four days left to do any of the traditional baking, decorating, and card-writing that I really enjoy doing.

Tweet of the Day for 7/5 goes to @rsgracey #GC77

Posted by: Southwest Six

We're in day 3 of General Convention and the #GC77 twitter feed is picking up steam! Our favorite "Tweet of the Day" for July 5th goes to R. Stephen Gracey (@rsgracey):