Advent Meditations- Tuesday, December 19

<<Return to Advent Meditations page Psalm 45, 47, 48; Zech. 2:1-13; Matt. 24:32-44; Rev. 3:14-22 Ambivalence. One dictionary defines it as uncertainty or indecisiveness about which course of action to follow. That definition characterizes my present ambivalence as a comfortable, middle-class, Anglo-American Christian. I am living with uncertainty about how to respond faithfully and constructively … read more

SHQ in the Holy Land: Dawn in the Desert

Today we were fed the bread of heaven at dawn in the desert. Cynthia presided as the desert slowly woke, a palette of pale rose and lavender, her words threaded with birdsong. – Jane       Two pilgrims (Jane Patterson and Richelle Thompson) waiting on the sunrise over the Judean desert. – John 


Psalms 31; Isaiah 7: 10-25; Luke 22: 14-30   Listen to the author read their meditation and prayer: The Rev. John Lewis, Advent Meditation   “The Lord preserves the faithful….Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord” – Psalm 31:23-24 The psalmist prays for deliverance from a place […]

The Life of Work and the Work of Life

Pausing for the Labor Day holiday gives us a chance to reflect on what this special day means for our seminary community. Labor Day traditionally symbolizes the end of summer. The day we commit to sweat out of our bodily systems all that barbecue consumed over the summer. The time we rise up from our prone and immobile positions to pray and read the Bible again in an upright manner. Labor Day presents an occasion for bemoaning or exulting the kickoff of the all-consuming college and professional football seasons. It’s the last moment we can enjoy our freedom from systemic discipline before a higher authority imposes on us a more regimented structure of classes, chapel, meals, study, and prayer.