SHQ in the Holy Land: Cheesecake

      How do you explain the trinity? Over cheesecake. We attended a women’s fellowship group with Fr. Nael. The evening began with hymns around the table. They sang in arabic and Fr. Nael gently tapped the table to keep the group in rhythm. I closed my eyes to let the sweet sound of … read more

SHQ in the Holy Land: Sunset

On Tuesday afternoon three of my classmates and I said our goodbyes to the group we have been traveling with for two weeks and took a taxi on the winding roads back to Nazareth. Today we will begin working with Fr. Nael, Rector of Christ Church in Nazareth. As we drove the landscape shifted from […]

SHQ in the Holy Land: Tattoo

Today the group from SSW visited Razzouk tattoo parlor, which has been providing pilgrims with permanent remembrances of their time in the Holy Land for seven centuries. The owner of the shop told us stories of his father gathering soot from church candles to make his ink in the early 20th century, as his son […]

SHQ in the Holy Land: Sacred

The sacredness of this place has enriched the gospels in ways I couldnt have imagined. I am meeting Jesus in all new ways as I walk these sacred paths with my fellow pilgrims. – Reagan