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Seminary of the Southwest – Institutional Effectiveness

2022-2023 Academic Year
Graduation Rates: 99% (MDIV and DAS) (Benchmark 80%)
Graduation Rates: 58% (MAR, MACMHC, MSF) (Benchmark 50%)
Ordination Rates: 92%* (MDIV) (Benchmark 100%)
Retention Rates: 86% (MDIV, MAR, MACMHC, MAR, MSF) (Benchmark 75%)
Passing rate for National Counseling Exam -2020: 91% (Benchmark 90%)
*Based on incoming class of 2021

Rooted in the reconciling ministry of Christ, the mission of Seminary of the Southwest is to form people for vocations of ministry, service, and healing.

The Assessment and Evaluation (A & E) committee oversees assessment and evaluation across the entire campus. The Assessment and Evaluation Committee meets in September, November, February, April, and May.

The institution effectiveness of the seminary is assured by the Faculty and Administrative Council which sets benchmarks for:

  • Graduation Rates* (MDIV, DAS 80%) (MAR, MACMHC, MSF 50%)
  • Retention Rates* (All degrees 75%)
  • Ordination Rates* (MDIV, DAS 100%)
  • Job Placement Rates* (MDIV, DAS, MACMHC 80%) (MAR, MSF 50%)
  • National Counseling Exam Results*(MACMHC 100%)
  • Course Completion Rates
  • Withdraw Rates
  • Faculty Load Percentages
  • Threshold of Acceptability
    • MDIV – time to degree completion comparing SSW to peer Episcopal seminaries
    • MACMHC – national scores (less the standard deviation) of the Counselor Education Comprehensive Exam)
    • MSF and MAR – 80% of students who enroll in the program will complete their degree within six years of matriculation.

*This information is published in our catalog and on our website.

The A & E committee reviews the above institution effectiveness during the academic year, then sends it to the Faculty and Administrative Council for approval.

The assessments that A & E oversee include degree assessments, administrative department assessments, and student services assessments.

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