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The Bishop Dena A. Harrison Library

Tutorial Page

Harrison Library can only offer its electronic resources to specific user groups because of the licensing agreements with various publishers and vendors. The following tutorials are designed with Seminary of the Southwest’s primary users in mind: Southwest students, faculty, and staff, and, in some cases, Iona students and Southwest alumni. For clarification on what electronic resources are available to you, please reach out to the library staff at [email protected].


Seeker is Harrison Library’s EBSCO Discovery Service. As a discovery service, Seeker accesses most of the resources owned or subscribed to by the library as well as the myriad of publications in EBSCO’s knowledge base. The knowledge base allows the user to discover resources the library doesn’t own but may be accessible through other sources. The following videos are good sources of information about using Seeker.


Seeker's Everything tab searches the library’s books, ebooks, journals, ejournals, audio visual materials, and databases. Results are produced by searching with keywords, titles, and authors in combination with the limiters in the left-side column.

Publication Finder

The Publication tab is for searching known electronic titles of either ejournals or ebooks. These can be single purchase titles or those found in databases.

Accessing e-Resources

Harrison Library’s electronic resources are licensed for access by our primary users, the Seminary of the Southwest community. This means the user must be authenticated through OpenAthens by using their SSW Gmail. This video provides clarity on how this process works.

Additional information

Requesting Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows participating libraries to borrow and lend their resources within the ILL community. This tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to request an interlibrary loan.

Here is important information to know about ILL.

Using the Seeker Folder for Research

The personalized Seeker Folder is a great tool to use when beginning research. The video shows the ease of gathering resources that can be viewed and evaluated whenever it is convenient.

This libguide provides step-by-step instructions for using the personalized Seeker Folder.

ATLA Scripture Search

Scripture Search is one of the gems of the ATLASerials PLUS database. This feature allows the user to search for resources based on bible books, chapters or verses. This libguide demonstrates the process and includes some ATLA generated videos.

Additional Scripture Search information

ATLA Database Search Tips

EBSCOhost is the hosting platform for the ATLASerials PLUS database. The Help function provides tons of information about using EBSCO hosted databases. The link below is the gateway to EBSCOhost Help. Explore it and come back for answers to specific questions.

How to Use Oxford Handbooks Online

Harrison Library has offered Oxford Handbooks for several years. These include both the Psychology and Religion sets so as to support both the Center and Theology students and faculty. These scholarly works are integrated directly into Seeker through an Everything or Publication Finder search, as well as by following the links on the Electronic Resources page. The E-Resources links take the user into Oxford Academic, which provides many informational pages on searching and use.

Oxford Handbooks - Annotations

As a complement to the Oxford Handbook information above, this libguide explains how to annotate directly in an Oxford Handbook.

Understanding Seeker Widgets

There are a number of widgets inside Seeker that take the user to additional resources that are not directly searchable in Seeker. Most of these can be found in the right-side column. This libguide provides information on each widget and how to use them.

Seeker Basics

Performing Searches

Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus LibGuide

Requesting an Interlibrary Loan

Using the Seeker Folder for Research

Using Your Folder LibGuide

ATLA Database Search Tips

ATLA Scripture Search

How to Use Oxford Handbooks Online

Oxford Handbooks – Annotations

Understanding Seeker Widgets

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