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At Seminary of the Southwest we are profoundly committed to the notion that all Christians – not just those called to ordination – have a vocation, a call from God into an identity and purpose uniquely one’s own. Whether your calling leads you to work within or outside the church, we promise to help you become a mature, confident and knowledgeable Christian.


For those seeking ordination to the priesthood:

Master of Divinity

Become a faithful leader in the church and the world

Master of Divinity, with Concentration in Latinx Ministry

Engage emerging edges of Latinx ministry

Master of Divinity, with concentration in Chaplaincy

Gain the skills for pastoral care in Military, Health Care, or a School setting

Diploma in Anglican Studies

Combine classroom study with living and praying within an Episcopal community

For those seeking to become Licensed Mental Health Counselors:

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Explore the integration of psychology & spirituality

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

with Latinx Counseling Concentration

For those seeking to become Spiritual Directors or to expand their understanding of the divine:

Master of Arts in Religion

Join a scholarly conversation for the theologically curious

Master of Arts in Spiritual Direction

Explore, develop, or innovate ministries of Spiritual Direction

Theological Degrees

Learn more about a Master of Divinity, a Diploma of Anglican Studies, or other programs that lead to ordination.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Learn about a CACREP accredited Master of Mental Health Counseling Degree.

Ways to Support

Learn about opportunities to support  Southwest through Annual Fund, Scholarships, and more.

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