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3 years ~ Full-time enrollment of required credits per semester ~ 89 Credit Hours

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is designed as a three-year program of preparation for ministry.  It is the normative degree to prepare persons for ordained ministry, and can also be used for general pastoral and religious leadership responsibilities in congregations and other settings.

The curriculum at Seminary of the Southwest follows a path focused on three areas of formation: being, knowing, and doing. The seminary’s foundational attention to academic excellence (knowing) is complemented by attention to character (being) and skill (doing). Each program seeks to produce well-rounded, thoughtful graduates who have become not only proficient in a field of study but wise and charitable in its practice.

Graduates of the Master of Divinity program at Seminary of the Southwest will display integral formation in these three areas:

  • Being: They will embody faithful Christian living as persons of well-formed character and generous intellect, exhibiting spiritual maturity,  self-understanding, healthy relationships, and social concern.
  • Knowing: The student will demonstrate proficient knowledge of the canonical areas, with particular attention to Anglican and Episcopal perspectives.
  • Doing: They will be prepared to exercise leadership in the church and in the public square, bringing the tradition to bear on the challenges of the contemporary world as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and carry out Jesus’ ministry of healing and reconciliation.

Study at Southwest is a crucial stage in formation for ministry, a process that begins with the development of Christian character before students enter seminary and continues with apprenticeship in ministry after they leave. The seminary attempts to model the kind of Christian community that the Gospel demands: a hospitable shared life of prayer, worship, study, and work that witnesses to God’s glory and serves God’s loving will.

Seminary of the Southwest is proud to offer generous financial support for students preparing for ordained ministry.  Most students in the MDiv are eligible for a tuition grant covering 100% of tuition costs for the full three years of study.  Additionally, the Pastoral Leadership Initiative provides generous grants to cover housing, health insurance, and other expenses during your enrollment.  Finally, our merit-based Texas Pauli Murray Scholarship provides awards of up to $20,000 a year for students from historically excluded racial groups to lift up the next generation of leaders for the church.  Speak to an enrollment manager to learn more.  

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Discerning students are encouraged to use the links provided below to schedule a visit or to speak directly with one of Southwest’s enrollment managers.




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