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Cost of Attendance Worksheet

Estimated Cost of Attendance Worksheet
For a standard term, Fall-Spring enrollment of 24 credit hours
9 month budget



Tuition & Fees1



Room & Board4



Books & Supplies2









Student Loan Fees3






1For 24 credits; this includes costs of rental or purchase of equipment (including equipment for instruction by telecommunications), materials, or supplies required of all students in the same course of study.

2An allowance for books, supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses. This allowance may also include costs for operating and maintaining a vehicle which is used to transport the student to and from school, but not for the purchase of a vehicle.

3For students receiving loans, the fees required to receive them (for example, the loan fee for a Direct Loan). You may also include the fees required for non-federal student loans (that is, non-federal loans that must be considered Estimated Financial Assistance (EFA) for the student when packaging aid). In all cases, you can either use the exact loan fees charged to the student or an average of fees charged to borrowers of the same type of loan at your school. To be included in the COA, any loan fees for private loans must be charged to the borrower during the period of enrollment for which the loan is intended.

4For students without dependents, this will be an allowance that you determine. For those living off-campus, the allowance must be based on reasonable expenses for the student’s room and board.

5Budgets do not include an allowance for health insurance, purchase of a computer or dependent care costs.  With documentation these costs can be added to expense budget. This will only have the impact of increasing student loan eligibility. Average allowance for dependent care is $3500.  To have these included please use the following form: Adjustments to Cost of Attendance Request.

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