Course Requirements for the MHC Degree (66 hours)

Core Spiritual Integration Courses (12 credit hours)

CMH5309 Interpretation of the Bible for Counseling and Ministry

CMH5310 Ethics for Counseling and Ministry

CMH5311 American Religions for Counseling and Ministry

CMH5312 Theological Studies for Counseling and Ministry

Pre-Requisite Counseling Courses (36 credit hours) – Courses below must be taken before enrolling in the Clinical Practicum (CMH5320)

CMH5301 Professional Orientation and Counselor Identity

CMH5302 Assessment and Testing

CMH5303 Helping Relationships and Methods

CMH5304 Group Counseling

CMH5305 Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan

CMH5306 Career and Lifestyle Development

CMH5307 Research and Evaluation

CMH5308 Social, Cultural and Family Diversity

CMH5313 Introduction to Counseling Theories

CMH5314 Abnormal Behavior

CMH5316 Ethics in Counseling Practice

CMH5319 Crisis and Trauma Counseling

Clinical Practicum and Internship (9 credit hours)

CMH5320 Clinical Practicum

CMH5321 Clinical Internship I

CMH5322 Clinical Internship 2

Non Pre-Requisite Counseling Courses (9 credit hours)

CMH5315 Psychopathology

CMH5317 Couples, Parents and Family Systems

CMH5318 Addictions Counseling

Additional Candidacy and Graduation Requirements

Candidacy – Student Counseling Requirement; GPA; KLO & KPD Assessments, Advisor Recommendation

Graduation –Comprehensive Examination (CPCE); GPA; Advisor Recommendation

Overall Degree Requirements:
1. Complete satisfactorily 66 credits of courses within six years of study
2. For Candidacy-Student Counseling Requirement, Advisor Recommendation
3. For Graduation-Comprehensive Examination (CPCE)
4. Each candidate must fully discharge all financial obligations to the seminary