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Bishop John Elbridge Hines

The following friends have indicated their intention to remember the seminary in their estate plans

John Hines Legacy Society Members

The Rev. Canon Lawson M. Anderson

The Rev. Mary Petty Anderson

The Rt. Rev. Scott Field Bailey + & Mrs. Evelyn Bailey

The Rev. Dr. Susan J. Barnes

Mr. Leo Robert Brammer, Jr+

Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Broussard

The Estate of Ruth J. Buttrey +

The Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Chatham

Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm L. Cooper

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Sean A. Cox

Ms. Lora-Frances Davis+

Mr. & Mrs. Darin N. Digby

The Rev. Douglas & The Rev. Mary Earle

The Rev. & Mrs. Rick D. Edwards

The Rev. & Mrs. William S. Gannon

Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Gerhard

The Rev. Mary & Dr. Robert Green

The Rev. Daphne B. Grimes

The Rev. Canon & Mrs. A. Morgan Hickenlooper

The Rev. Evelyn W. Hornaday

The Rev. H. Barnett Jackson, Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Micah and Mrs. Laura Jackson

The Rev. W. Gammon Jarrell +

Mrs. Katherine Inglis & Mr. Steve Johnson

The Rev. Nan Kennedy

Dr. & Mrs. J. Gordon Kingsley

The Rev. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge

The Rev. & Mrs. Justin Alan Lindstrom

The Rev. Clifton + & The Rev. Jo Roberts Mann

Mr. & Mrs. George McGonigle

The Rev. Janie Kirt & Mr. William Morris +

The Rev. Ann J. Nelson

The Rev. & Mrs. William D. Nix, Jr.

Mr. Duncan E. Osborne

The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. S. Todd Ousley

Mr. William E. Patterson & Mrs. Elizabeth I. Patterson +

The Rev. Mary Piotrowski

Mrs. Annie M. Polk +

The Rev. Dr. Allen P. Price + & Mrs. Nancy Price

Mrs. Brenda Warwick Richardson +

Mr. Kenneth R. Robertson

The Estate of Yvette C. Rosenthal +

The Rev. Judy K. Sessions

Mrs. Cathryn C. Smith

The Rev. Leticia L. Smith

Col. William A. & Mrs. Lee Speary

The Rev. & Mrs. L. Murdock Smith, III

Ms. Nancy Hines Smith

Ms. Sarah Hales Smith

Ms. Nancy Springer-Baldwin

Mr. Jack B. St. Clair

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Steffens

Mr. David & Dr. Laura Tait

The Rev. Dr. Steven Thomason

The Rev. Barkley Thompson

Ms. Dorothy M. Viles +

Mr. John Bennet & The Rev. Margaret Waters

The Rev. Dr. Joyce M. Wilkinson

The Rev. & Mrs. Frank E. Wilson

Dr. Leila Clark Wynn


Become a Member of the John Hines Legacy Society

For more information about making a planned gift and becoming a member of the John Hines Legacy Society please contact Wally Moore, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving, (512) 439-0326.