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John A. Logan, Jr.

Sixty-three years a devoted priest, respected preacher and teacher, carrier of the Gospel to the streets, holder of vast knowledge about the church, you have served tirelessly the Episcopal Church in Texas with your keen intellect, extraordinary discipline and organization, and your deep liturgical understanding.
You were reared in the Presbyterian Church in La Grange, Texas, but were drawn to the Episcopal Church by the prayer book liturgy while you were a student at The University of Texas in Austin. Following your law school studies completed there when you were 21 years old, you entered Virginia Theological Seminary for your preparation for ministry. Ordained by Bishop John Hines in 1953, you have served St. Timothy’s, Waco; St. Luke’s Hospital, Houston; Church of the Good Shepherd, Austin; and, Christ Church Cathedral in Houston where you were Canon Pastor, then Canon and Sub Dean, then Acting Dean. While you were at the Cathedral, you authored the book Dowered with Gifts: The Second Quarter of the Second Century of Christ Church Cathedral. As Canon Emeritus for the Cathedral, where you have given three and a half decades of your life, you continue to fulfill Sunday duties preaching and teaching. A long-time parishioner at the Cathedral recently spoke of your intolerance for politicians’ foolishness, which you may vent in a sermon. “Our regular attendance of late is in anticipation of his vocal reaction to the nonsense of this political season. It’s about time for a barn burner!”
You hold the conviction that belief in Jesus requires the Church to care for people in need. While you served as Canon Pastor to the Cathedral, you played a key role in founding a ministry that gives “Compassionate Direction Toward Independence” to people who are homeless. That ministry, called COMPASS, continues to transform lives today. “Johnny’s Walkers,” a group you founded more recently, has raised over $85,000 for the AIDS Foundation during the annual AIDS walk in Houston.
Bishop Claude Payne called you to be Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of Texas in 1996, a position you held until you reached the church’s mandatory retirement age of 72; however, now as Canon Emeritus of the diocese, you continue your work as Secretary of the Diocese, five days a week, eight hours a day, a position you’ve held since 1986.
“Canon Logan is an icon of faithfulness,” reflects Bishop Dena Harrison. “His love for God and for God’s Church has inspired generations of Episcopalians to greater faith and service, and his devotion to the Diocese of Texas and its history has enriched our common life in countless ways.”
In recognition of the many outstanding contributions you have made to the church in the Diocese of Texas, Seminary of the Southwest is honored to bestow upon you the degree of Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa.
Austin, Texas                                                                                                                                                                     May 24, 2016

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