To Be Black in America Today: The Labels We Carry

The Labels We Carry As human beings we naturally categorize and label things in order to understand them.  Young children in the process of learning language will learn that a ‘car’ has wheels and for a while anything with wheels is labeled a ‘car,’ whether it is a firetruck, bus, or bike.  This is a … read more

Peace Be Still

  What is peace?   When you are looking for peace in the middle of a hectic day, what exactly are you looking for?  Is it a moment of quiet, a sense of calm, an experience of stillness… or are you looking for a way out, a solution to a problem that will give you […]

What Now?

Life Happens Something happens in life (whether good or bad) and often the next logical question is: What now?  This immediate thought regarding what is next rushes in, many times giving little time to fully experience the moment. The What Now in Good Life Experiences In good life experiences we may have worked hard and […]


Psalm 119:49-72; Isaiah 9:8-17; Mark 1:1-8   Listen to the author read their meditation and prayer: Dr. Awa Jangha, Advent Meditation   “Someone is coming who is greater than I am” John says. John the Baptist did some pretty amazing things in his life. As an authentic soul he spoke truth, lived simply, and walked […]

The Ministry of Presence

What does it mean to be present? I have been seriously considering this question in light of the amount of things that can quickly compete for our time and attention. We live in a culture that advocates the action of multitasking with an emphasis on doing things expediently so that more can be done and […]