Good morning God.


I woke up in Haiti this morning.  I opened my eyes and looked up into the lace trimmed mosquito net.  The night before, Carmel our gracious hostess had showed me how to tuck the nets around the mattress so that no mosquitos could get in, but when I opened my eyes I saw that several mosquitos had joined me in my net.  Without even stopping to think that I’ve never read a book where a mosquito net actually kept out the mosquitos, I sat up in bed and prayed,

Good morning God.  This is your day.  I am your child.  Please show me the way.

 I hadn’t prayed this prayer in years but when faced with a net full of mosquitos and a new country, it was the prayer at hand.  When I worked at St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Cypress, Texas this was the prayer we taught the children to pray before going to school each day.  For the backpack blessing one year we gave everyone tags for their backpacks printed with the Good Morning God prayer.

The only thing damaged in my luggage on the way here was my luggage tag.  The hard plastic was split in half and the address ripped off.  So my address for now is blank, for 3 weeks my address is God’s day, this day and wherever it takes me.  The good thing is that this day encompasses all the places I’ve been before, so half-forgotten prayers can bubble up to start the day, and my past can inform how I face mosquitos in the morning.

– Kellaura