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In the grace and peace of Christ I warmly welcome you to Seminary of the Southwest.

You may be considering Southwest as a place to spend three years in preparation for ordained ministry in the Episcopal church, or you may wish to study counseling or pastoral care or spiritual formation. Perhaps you would like to teach on the faculty here or take a position on the staff.

I invite you to explore this place – a lively, growing, richly textured community of learning and prayer. Here at Seminary of the Southwest we seek to form mature, wise, and creative Christian leaders to participate in God’s reconciling mission in the world. We do this through sustained attention to the Christian tradition in the company of and under the guidance of faculty who are not only intelligent, but also wise. We share this enterprise with students who become colleagues and leaders with us in ministry.

Dean and President Cynthia Briggs KittredgeWe undertake our education in the ancient traditions of the faith in the center of an alive, expanding, complex, and fascinating American city. Austin, Texas is culturally, linguistically, musically, ecologically diverse – a place full of opportunities to observe and participate in the gospel speaking to culture, and culture challenging the church, both with risk and with hope. Christ Chapel is built with a window of clear glass facing out to the University and the Capitol to the south of our campus. Seminary of the Southwest is a place set apart, but not enclosed.

Please come to discover this community of friends in Christ. And if you do join us, know that you will make a difference here. You will add to our colorful conversation and bring unique gifts to our projects and our celebrations. Having you be part of us will make us better, more faithful, and will contribute to transforming us.

May God look generously upon your exploration and bless you in your discovery.

I look forward to meeting you and greeting you person.

Yours faithfully,
The Very Rev. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, Th.D.
Dean and President

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Founded for the future by Dean and President Cynthia Briggs Kittredge and Dr. Anthony Baker

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