Part Time Youth Leader

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Faith Lutheran Church

Austin, TX
(posted 3/7/17)

We are offering a part time job for a person who has limited time but  desires to serve God and youth in a congregational setting. Below, please find described the parameters of the job; about 10 hours per week or 40 hours a month, the bulk of that time on Sunday. Salary is negotiable based on education and experience and will start at $15.00 an hour

If you are interested, please contact Faith Lutheran Church by E-Mail, include resume:  to the attention of Gary Goodson, Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church.


1)  Part-time position; approximately 10 hours a week, 40 hours/month beginning August 1st and ending May 31st.
2)  Reports to and is annually evaluated by, the Pastor with input from Parish Education/Youth Commmittee Council representative.
3)  With the direction and support of the Pastor and Parish Education/Youth Committees, provide weekly Christian education for 6th – 12th Grade Youth. Plan monthly activity alternating between fellowship, service and outreach.
4)  Ineligible for paid vacation, sick leave, or insurance benefits.


1)  Eighteen years of age or older.
2)  Mature person who has limited time but desires to serve God and youth in a congregation setting.
3)  Knowledge of the Bible and ability to communicate that knowledge to youth.  ELCA knowledge preferred.
4)  A willingness to work in team ministry and coordinate with the Pastor and committee members.
5)  Organized, capable of planning ahead, and keeping upcoming events well publicized.
6)  Maintain certification in CPR and First Aid
7)  Maintain a valid driver’s license and safe driving record.
8)  Pass required fingerprint and criminal background checks.
9)  Demonstrate physical, emotional and intellectual competencies necessary for self-control, good  judgment and supervision of children.
10)  Provide references upon request.


1)  Assist with the development of events from Rally Day Kick-Off (September) to   Memorial Day weekend in conjunction with the Pastor and Parish Education/Youth Committees.   Must be done in a timely manner so events can be advertised.
2)  Notify the Pastor of anticipated absence so that a substitute may be arranged.
3)  Help assess the learning needs of the students and participate in the evaluation of the Sunday School program, materials and curriculum.
4)   Attend weekly Sunday worship services (10:00-11:00)
5)  Participate in Intergenerational Sunday School Events (usually in lieu of Sunday School class)
6)  Plan monthly activity for youth alternating between fellowship, service and outreach and fund raising when necessary.
7)  Provide weekly Christian education for 6th – 12th Grade youth.
8)  Plan publicity for activities and organize registration/releases when necessary.
9)  Participate in monthly Parish Education/Youth committee meetings (12:00-1:00) designated Sunday.