But Then, Face to Face…

At one time, “How I spent my summer vacation” was a staple of fall school essay assignments.  Now that I am retired being on “vacation” has taken on an ambiguous quality. How can one be on vacation when one’s life is no longer organized around work? My life in retirement, launched in spring 2016, has … read more

The Rev. Kathleen Sams Russell, DMin

Friday – December 4 Psalms 16, 17; Amos 5:1-17; Matthew 22:1-14   Listen to the author read their mediation and prayer: The Rev. Kathleen Sams Russell Advent Meditation “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Proverbs 9:10 “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” Strictly Ballroom, 1992 Today’s readings […]

Eat that Marshmallow!

A recent article in The Guardian caught my eye: “Self-control saps memory resources.” What? There’s a down side to virtue? Here’s the history. In a 1960s experiment, researchers gave small children a marshmallow and told them that if they could hold off eating the marshmallow for a certain amount of time, they would be rewarded […]

Leading with Roses

Some time ago, I served a parish in a Southern California beach community as the acting rector. The church building itself was rather large, a remnant of the optimistic 1960s when it was built. The membership, attendance and pledging numbers were rather small, a remnant of what had been. The church was in that all […]

Relearning the Art of Noth-ing

As I remember it, when I was growing up in Buffalo NY every summer had at least a few days when the temperature soared to the high 80s or more, a real heat wave, the dog days of summer. In those pre-Cambrian days when no one, at least not in my neighborhood, had air conditioning and life ground to a halt, motherly urges to go outside and play fell on highly resistant ears, or we went, slowly, with the journey halted on the front porch where we sat and watched the world go by.

Living next to a city park meant plenty of pick-up baseball games, and games of tag or "Mother May I" or walks to the nearby swimming pool, but we would have none of that, let alone pull out the roller skates. Even jacks seemed too demanding.

Sermon John Hines Day 2009 Oct 01, 2009

A sermon about Bishop John Hines – founder of Seminary of the Southwest – given by the Rev. Kathleen Sams Russell, assistant professor of contextual theology, on John Hines Day (October 1, 2009) in Christ Chapel


This past summer, I made the journey-along with several thousand other people–to that particular expression of our tradition–General Convention which was held in Anaheim, California, the home of Disneyland and down the road from Hollywood.