What To Do About The News

As I talk to people these days, one of the most common things I hear is “What are we going to do about the news?” People all over the political spectrum are finding it difficult to know what to think or feel about the flood of contradictory or frightening bits of news that bombard anyone … read more


Psalm 80; Isaiah 29: 13-24; Luke 1:39-48a (48b-56)   Listen to the author read their meditation and prayer: The Rev. Micah Jackson, Advent Meditation   It’s become fashionable, in recent years, to be offended by people who are not preparing for Christmas “correctly.” People who sing carols or put up their trees “too early” or […]

Behold, I make all things new

At her birthday party last week, my goddaughter said, “Just as I had almost figured out how to be 18, now I’m 19.” I don’t know about you, but I have that experience all the time. To be a human being is to be in nearly perpetual transition. Just when we’ve almost figured out how […]

On the Ground between “Auto Pilot” and “Fighter Pilot”

  In his most recent book, Do Over, author Jon Acuff asks whether there are things in your life that you have set on “auto pilot” that should be set to “fighter pilot.” He’s trying to get at an important reality—that oftentimes we have fallen into easy patterns of action when perhaps some more attention […]

The Rev. Micah T.J. Jackson, PhD

Sunday – December 6 Psalms 148, 149, 150; Amos 6:1-14; Luke 1:57-68   Listen to the author read their meditation and prayer: The Rec. Micah T.J. Jackson Advent Meditation Zechariah is in a bit of a tricky situation. He laughed at the Angel that predicted his son’s birth, and now he is unable to speak. […]

Look, here is water!

Last weekend, I traveled to Great Falls, Montana to help lead a gathering of Episcopal and Lutheran clergy in thinking about their preaching. It was a great conference, but one of the most surprising things about Great Falls was the way their airport introduces arriving passengers to an important feature of the area. When you […]

Keeping It Cool with Alternatives

I once heard a former dean of this Seminary describe Austin’s local catchphrase “Keep Austin Weird” as “America’s Least Necessary Municipal Slogan.” The truth is Austin is the kind of place that prides itself on its local color and local culture. It’s easy to find, but also easy to forget in all the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Languages of Preaching

Micah Jackson (@Micah_SSW) is the Bishop John Hines Associate Professor of Preaching at Seminary of the Southwest.  Micah's interests include homiletic form, the spiritual discipline of preaching, and the postmodern relationship between the preacher and the congregation. 

The students call it “Preaching Camp.” The Episcopal Preaching Foundation calls it “The Preaching Excellence Program.” Either way, it represents one of the few opportunities for seminarians from all around the Church to gather together for a week each summer to extend and deepen their expertise in preaching. This year, five Southwest students and I are engaging the topic of "The Language of Preaching."

Bread, Wine, and Pies, Oh My!

Dr. Micah Jackson (@FrMicah) serves as the Bishop John Hines Associate Professor of Preaching and the Dean of Community Life at Seminary of the Southwest.  Micah also serves on the faculty of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation's Preaching Excellence Program.

Those of us who are careful observers of the Church Calendar know that there are several kinds of days. There are the ordinary, or ferial, days. There are days of fasting or abstinence. And, of course, there are feast days. These days of joy stand as a reminder that even in the midst of trouble and difficulty, there are always reasons to celebrate.