Advent Meditation: Friday, December 11, 2020

: Psalm 126  •  Habakkuk 3:2-6  •  Philippians 3:12-16 Advent is a time of laughter and joy. We wait, filled with hope, for God to enter our world and restore us. Today’s psalm is powerful because it alludes to the return of the Exiles from Babylonian captivity. The fortunes restored are the people! God’s promises, … read more

The Troubling Psalms

For over two thousand years the Psalms have been a source of comfort, courage, and hope.  The Psalter has been called the Hymnbook of the Second Temple but it can equally be called the Prayer Book of the Faithful.  There are many psalms that are loved for their gentle images of trees planted by streams […]

An Attack on Harmony

On December 19, 2016 a well loved colleague of mine was sitting in a Berlin Christmas Market when someone drove a truck through the area killing many and injuring more. Russell Schulz, my colleague and friend was not killed, but two of his friends were. Russell served the Seminary of the Southwest for over 30 […]

Your Habitation is in the Rock Immovable

On November 3, Myra Adams, politico and contributor to the National Review, announced that the day after the election would be a national day of mourning.  She writes: “Now, as when Jesus wept over Jerusalem, knowing the city would eventually be destroyed by the Romans, millions of Americans will be weeping in their hearts knowing […]

Response to Orlando

It was a surprise and a relief to receive a Facebook generated post from my friend in Orlando that said she was okay.  Say what you will about social media, in this case it was cause for gratitude that word of someone’s safety came so quickly.  Sadly, many would not post a safety message.  The news […]

Dr. Steve Bishop

Friday, December 18 Psalms 40, 54; Zechariah 7:8-8:8; Matthew 25:14-30   Listen to the author read their meditation and prayer: Dr. Steve Bishop Advent Meditation The season of Advent feels, to me, like a homecoming.  The joyful anticipation that is marked by the deliberate progression toward the announcement of Christ’s birth fills the weeks leading […]

The Promise and Power of Place

Ten years out and the scars left by Hurricane Katrina are still visible on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Much attention has been rightfully directed to New Orleans during this time of remembrance.  It was the most populated city to suffer the effects of the storm due to poor levee design.  The loss of life and […]

Repurposing Parked Cars in Summer to Stay Cool

In a concerted effort to prepare our new Church History professor for the rigors of summer in Austin our esteemed leader Dean and President Kittredge inaugurated this effort by providing a list of suggestions to keep cool in the summer. As our new professor moves from the moderate climes of the San Francisco Bay area and into the rattlesnake, cactus infested environs of Austin where air conditioning is a basic human right, we thought we would all pitch in with advice that helps us get through the heat of summer (May to October).

In particular, Dr. Kittredge offered this advice about cars: Never leave anything in your parked car: sunglasses, laptops, cell phones, boxes of chocolate, pets. Between May and October, no sleeping in your car.

This is all true. A metal box does not protect you from the heat, regardless of its color. However, what she failed to mention are the benefits of your outdoor oven, or as you may call it, your car.

Poets and Prophets Come to Austin

Dr. Steve Bishop is the Associate Professor of Old Testament at Seminary of the Southwest.  Steve served as an ordained minister in the Church of Christ prior to undertaking graduate studies.  Steve's academic interests include the poetry of the Hebrew Bible and literary translations of it into English.  

The week of Spring Break in Austin is one that brings visitors from all over the world. They don’t come for our beaches because we have none. They come for the South by Southwest technology, film, and music event known everywhere as SXSW. The cost of the event and the press of crowds however prevent many from attending ‘showcase’ events. Happily there is a group of Austin residents whose love of music and creativity combined with a disdain for the corporate opportunism that funds the event offer a free alternative. As you might guess it is dubbed Not-SXSW!