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Advent Meditations- Saturday, December 9

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Psalms 20, 21:1-7 (8-14); 110: 1-5 (6-7), 116, 117; Amos 5:18-27; Matt. 22:15-22; Jude 17-25

As Christians, we often speak of the three comings of Christ: as a babe in Bethlehem, in our hearts daily and in glory at the end of time. During Advent, this special time of joy, anticipation and preparation for the arrival of the wee babe, our hearts are full of yearning for the satisfaction of loving family gatherings and special giving to our families and to those in need. We revel in the wonder of the season reflected in the faces of the young children around us. And I am reminded that until the end of time is at hand, in our human condition we suffer.
Presently there is much suffering in the world as a whole and in our local and national communities which have been affected by significant natural disasters. Our neighbors strive daily to rebuild their lives from varying degrees of destruction. How much more important for us then to remember that God is always present and we are reminded to ‘Give to God the things that are God’s.’ God is Peace, God is Joy, God is Love.
May we be mindful that all things can be held at once: peace, joy, su ering and love. And may we continually hold our neighbors in our prayers and in our daily awareness of God.
Lord, awaken in us the knowledge of our union with you and your constant loving presence in the daily moments of our lives.

Patricia Young Brown
Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation, Class of 2020
Listen to the Trish read her meditation and prayer:

Patricia “Trish” Young Brown joined Thinkery on January 17, 2017. Trish has over 20 years of experience leading multiple healthcare and community based organizations, most recently as President and CEO of Central Health, the Travis County Healthcare District created by the voters of Travis County in May of 2004. Trish is a long time member of the Austin Area Research Organization, a nonpartisan group of 100 community committed business leaders that champion regional solutions to regional challenges. She is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Denver. She is currently a part-time student at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest pursuing a Masters in Spiritual Formation (MSF) degree.

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