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Latinx Studies

Master of Divinity Concentration in Latinx Ministry

3 years ~ Full-time enrollment of required credits per semester ~85 Credit Hours

The concentration in Latinx ministry is a rigorous academic, pastoral, and liturgical course of study that is relevant for Latinx and non-Latinx seminarians.  The concentration prepares and equips students who have discerned a particular calling to or are exploring ministry within Latinx communities.

Through coursework, field education placements, language community, liturgy, and border witness, concentrators engage the deep historical and theological traditions that provide the context for ministry in diverse Latinx communities.  Through the various program requirements, concentrators will be able to:

  1. Articulate the key theological categories of Latinx theology and be able to apply these to analyze pastoral, political, and social challenges in the present.  Identify and contextualize the work of key Latinx theologians.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the racial, class, and gendered dimensions of diverse Latino religious contexts. Become better acquainted with own racial identities and histories.
  1. Identify the political and socio-demographic pastoral issues involved in immigration, primarily from Mexico and Central
  2. Identify different models of Latinx ministry and apply skills for pastoral ministry in Latino/Hispanic and multicultural contexts
  3. Evidence increased capacity to communicate in bilingual/bicultural contexts

Concentration Requirements:

Latinx Ministry core courses (two courses, offered in alternating years)

Core Course A: Latinx Ministry

This interdisciplinary course introduces the student to diverse critical contexts for engaging in ministry in Latinx communities: histories of Latin American/Latinx Christianity; geopolitics and religion (race, immigration, religion); denominational dynamics and religious diversity in Latinx-majority communities.  It uses these contexts to engage with past and current models for Latinx ministry in the Episcopal Church. 

Core Course B: Latinx Theologies

This course provides a historical overview of the development of Latinx theologies, introduces students to key concepts stemming from the theological perspectives represented in Latinx communities, and situates current debates among Latinx theologians.

Learn more in our course catalog.

M1000-2 Lectura y Plática (three semesters, zero credit, pass/no pass)

Lectura y Plática is a once-weekly seminar discussion conducted in Spanish based on shared reading of foundational and recent writings from Latin America in the original Spanish.  The seminar is appropriate for Spanish speakers of nearly all levels: from intermediate to native speakers.  Readings and discussion reflect a broad range of topics in religion: theology, spirituality, history, cultural studies, feminist and sexuality studies, ministry studies, pastoral care and counseling, biblical studies, literature, and so on.

Beginning Spanish-learners in the concentration should plan on spending their first year engaged in independent study of Spanish by enrolling in a local beginning class (at UT Austin for example) or participating in a summer language immersion program abroad. Tuition grants to subsidize costs are available by application to the faculty director.

Field Education

Concentrators complete a field education placement in a Latino parish or setting.  Field Education placement is determined in conversation with faculty director.

Latinx Ministries Concentration Colloquy

The Latinx student colloquy creates a space for regular gatherings for Latinx students, concentrators, and other interested/allied seminarians.

M1320 Encuentro

The seminary’s annual three-week intensive Encuentro course facilitates an encounter with the realities of the US-Mexican border and provides familiarity with diverse Latinx models of parish ministry. Required for all M.Div. Juniors, Encuentro is offered each January term and is optional for non-M.Div. students at SSW.

Discerning students are encouraged to use the links provided below to schedule a visit or to speak directly with one of Southwest’s enrollment managers.

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